Amenity Trees & Woodlands -

A Guide to their Management in Ireland



Plus P&P €10.00

Authors: Kevin Collins (editor), Roy Goodwin, Dorothy Hayden, Helena McGorman, Joe McConville, Felim Sheridan, Gemma Carr

This book represents a unique and invaluable resource for all those whose work involves them directly or indirectly with amenity trees and woodlands and for community groups and individuals working towards the 'greening' of their own environment.

Registered in Ireland No: 111380
Charity No: CHY 6799
CRA No: 20013417

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The Tree Council of Ireland is a non-governmental voluntary organisation that was set up in 1985 as an umbrella body for
organisations involved in planting, management and conservation of trees. 

Our mission statement is to foster a tree culture in Ireland through action and awareness.