National Tree Day
Lá na gCrann

On the first Thursday of October every year!

Proudly sponsored by 

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National Tree Day is organised annually by the Tree Council of Ireland and we are delighted to welcome our new partner SPAR.

   Primary schools around the country are invited to spend the day learning about trees and to appreciate and enjoy the planet we all live on.


Each year a theme is chosen for the campaign to promote trees and the vital part they play 
in our environment and each year a different native Irish tree is featured.


It is an important date in the school calendar. It has been enthusiastically supported by children, 
teachers and parents alike providing an opportunity to put down
the school books and get outdoors! 

   The campaign’s mascot Sammy Squirrel shares simple messages to help children understand
that they can be a positive influence on our environment.


That they can give our planet and Mother Nature a helping hand
by planting lots and lots of trees!

As part of National Tree Day, up to 1,500 native tree saplings are made available
through our campaign website for primary schools around Ireland to plant
on their grounds or in a pot in the classroom.