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 SPAR National Tree Day 2021
Lá na gCrann
Thursday 7th October 2021!
We are delighted to welcome SPAR as our new partner for National Tree Day
Our theme this year is...
"Trees are Good Neighbours!"
Is comharsana den scoth iad crainn.

And the spotlight is on the....
Wild Cherry
Crann Silíní Fiáin


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1,500 FREE
Wild Cherry Saplings available to
Primary Schools around Ireland
for planting on Thursday
7th October 2021.


Hurry and take the Pledge!

Wild Cherry

Take the Sammy Squirrel Pledge
to get your Free Wild Cherry Sapling for your school!


On SPAR National Tree Day everyone is encouraged to take a moment in time and visit one of our numerous woodlands to explore the wonderful world of trees!


There are so many marvellous forests throughout Ireland that one is spoilt for choice.

We have drawn up a list of just some to consider...

The Tree Council of Ireland is reminding all primary schools across the country to get involved in

SPAR National Tree Day and plant a tree on Thursday, 7th of October 2021.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Trees are Good Neighbours” and it emphasises the fact that trees have an incredibly positive, good neighbourly effect on all biodiversity and that includes ourselves!

Birds, squirrels and insects find the tree itself, with its trunk, bark, branches and leaves, to be a good place to live. Under the tree is another favoured area, with the tree’s roots having a positive impact on the soil and its inhabitants. Moreover, the leaves on the branches cast shade in the summer and add nutrients
to the soil in the autumn and winter when they fall.

Each year the focus is placed on a different native Irish tree and for
SPAR National Tree Day the chosen tree is the

Wild Cherry or Crann Silíní Fiáin. 

1,500 of these trees will be made available through our campaign website to
primary schools all around Ireland to plant on school grounds, or in a pot in the classroom.

To find out more about this year’s SPAR National Tree Day and to claim a
FREE Wild Cherry Sapling for your school click below

Check out our dedicated
SPAR National Tree Day Site!


I have 1,500 saplings
to give away...

so take the Pledge!

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The forest pledge is a special promise to always do your best to be a lifelong friend of the environment.

Click and get a free wild cherry sapling for your school!

One sapling per school while stocks last!

Delivery from Tuesday 5th October via An Post
How to take care of your sapling tree once it arrives....
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Open the bag as soon as it arrives to let in some air. 

The important thing is that the roots do not dry out. If the roots dry, the plant will die. Therefore, remove the sapling from the bag and dip the roots in water to moisten. Do not leave sitting in the water.

Put the roots of the sapling back into the bag so as to retain the moisture until you are ready to plant.
Keep checking them daily. 

If it going to be any longer than three days till planting, trench it into spare ground or put it into a pot until you have found its permanent home. Do not disturb the sapling again until January when it can be removed and planted in its permanent location.

Using a spade, remove the grass or top sod from the soil. Dig a hole that is bigger than the size of the roots.

Place a layer of compost into the hole and then place the sapling on top. Ensure the stem of the tree is above the level of the ground. Using your hands, crumble the soil and cover the roots. Gently compact the soil into place. Water slowly.


Water once a week until the frost arrives  

Then watch your sapling grow!

Happy Planting!

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Éanna Ní Lamhna, 
President Tree Council of Ireland

“Trees are absolutely essential. As we’ve spent more time out and about in nature over the last while, we can all appreciate how much they add to our environment and see just what good neighbours they are. They look after us in so many ways from cleaning our air to enriching our soil and support so much wildlife.

This SPAR National Tree Day is a great opportunity for us all to stop and think about how we can return the favour and support the trees.  We’d be delighted to see as many schools as possible register for their free sapling and keep on pledging to help the environment.” 

Colin Donnelly,
SPAR Sales Director 

 “We’re really excited and proud ‘under the Tree at SPAR’ to be working with the Tree Council of Ireland
as their new partner. 
To mark this year’s SPAR National Tree Day campaign, we want to encourage children to think about all we get from trees, how they enhance our communities and are wonderful neighbours to the environment.
There are SPAR stores in over 400 communities throughout Ireland so being able to show children and their families how they can make more sustainable choices that support their neighbourhoods is really important to us.  Giving children the opportunity to down tools for the day, re-connect with nature and enjoy the natural world around them, wherever in Ireland they live, is a great cause for celebration.”