Under normal circumstances, National Tree Week brings about the opportunity to promote tree awareness.

Communities, associations, workgroups and
family groups get together

and organise lots of tree planting events, making Ireland greener!

Equally, schools get involved with class activities providing the children with an occasion to get out and explore the wonderful world of trees.

This year, with Covid-19, things are different.
We are mindful of government guidelines surrounding gatherings.
And so we ask that people remain conscious of the need to limit activities and if you are engaging in any tree-related activity, to please
respect the restrictions in place.

What is National Tree Week?

National Tree Week, organised by the Tree Council since 1985 and in partnership with Coillte
since 1989,
is a week long programme of events to celebrate all things trees.
It is generally held in the month of March.

How to Get Involved!

To be part of National Tree Week, the Tree Council of Ireland invites you to organise one or

more events for the week to celebrate trees.


As well as tree planting ceremonies, the range of events can include forest and woodland walks,

nature trails, workshops, woodturning displays, talks, tree hugging, tree climbing,

broadcasts, launches, poetry readings, exhibitions.


Don’t forget to register your event, so that other people can come and join you!

What can you do to celebrate National Tree Week?

Check out the National Tree Week Events Programme on our website and take part in an event near you.

Celebrate National Tree Week in your school by planting a tree in your school grounds.
Draw pictures or make leaf prints or take bark rubbings. Learn how to measure the height and spread

of a tree. Read, write poems or create & tell stories about trees. Produce a class drama.

Encourage your local residents association, tidy towns group, youth club, sports club or other local organisation to get their members involved in a tree planting or a tree maintenance project
(e.g. Clean up a local woodland) in your area.

Volunteer in a local community tree-planting event. You’ll meet new people and make a
difference in your community.

Organise a walk or trail to showcase and tell the stories of any large, unusual or historic
trees in your community.

Commemorate an event of significance in your community by planting a tree and organise

a community celebration or get together to mark the occasion.

Celebrate the week in a personal way by planting a tree yourself in your own garden.

Take some time to read a book about trees or find our more about their characteristics, their uses,
folklore etc. Learn to identify trees in your neighbourhood.

Enjoy the outdoors. Visit a local forest or park, or take a nature walk and enjoy observing
and being in the company of trees. Learn about Shrinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy, the medicine of

simply being in the forest.

Those in the business community could sponsor a community tree project.