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Honour a beloved pet by planting a tree... 
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Our tree sponsorship schemes have long since commemorated people and events.
Many trees have been planted and many woodlands have been created, left in perpetuity under the gaze of Mother Nature. 
Over time we have had many trees sponsored for pet companions, either by the owner of the pet or
by someone who understands the grief that is felt at their passing.

A memorial tree 
is a special way to share this sentiment with the recipient. Pets are much-loved members of the household. They form part of the happy memories of a home.

Their unconditional love and loyalty through thick and thin are unsurpassed. The loss of such a pet can be devastating, they are not 'just a dog' or 'just a cat'. Especially if the role they played in your life was that of a service dog, a K9 or an emotional support animal. 


To pay particular tribute, we, at the Tree Council of Ireland, have created a Pet Memorial Forest.

This forest is dedicated to all of these special, loyal, devoted companions.
You can sponsor a tree as a pet owner or you can sponsor a tree for a fellow pet owner
showing you are thinking of them at this time.

The tree sponsored will be registered and numbered.
A certificate will be sent to the recipient along with details of how to visit the tree.

To personalise your sponsorship, we have included a field to upload a pet picture which will
be included on the certificate.

Additionally, there is an opt-in/out if you would like this image to be displayed in our
Pet Picture Gallery.

Pet Sponsorship Form

Sponsor a tree for €60.00

Upload File

Please add below any information you would like to
accompany the picture in the gallery

Pet Sponsorship Form
Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg
Pet Picture Gallery
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