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Pet Memory Forest
Every pet is special.

The unconditional love of a pet, a love unlike no other, fills the heart with joy.

Pets become part of a household, an integral part of day-to-day life. They bring fun, affection and an extra dynamic that brings out the best in people.


The devotion of a pet to an owner and an owner to a pet is seldom surpassed. The connection can run so deep warranting stories of heroism and loyalty that we read about in books and see in movies. The bond formed between animal and human is as special as any other. And when no longer there, these companions are greatly missed.

From service dogs to K9s to emotional support animals 

Over time we have had many trees sponsored for our animal friends by those who wished to specially acknowledge their memory.

But to pay particular tribute, we, at the Tree Council of Ireland, have now dedicated a special Woodland Forest to our animal friends.

This Pet Memory Forest honours these special, loyal, devoted companions.

It equally gives the opportunity to show someone you care as they grieve the loss of a special friend with each tree sponsored adding to the circle of life.

If you wish to sponsor a tree in our Pet Memory Forest, please click this link to fill out our online form. €50.00

Sample Certificate

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