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If Trees Could Talk! Cancelled due to Covid-19

Botanic Gardens: National Tree Week Tour

Starts Saturday 21st March 2:30pm to 3:30pm & every Saturday for 6 weeks

Organised at part of National Tree Week 2020

We notice many colours and scents in the garden and in the wild but the majority of plant communication lies outside our perception. Plants of course do not have neurons, or brains, or anything like the systems that animals use to communicate. We don’t do justice to them when we try to put their fascinating, alien biology into human or even animal terms. But we may have dramatically underestimated their capabilities. As researchers begin to learn the language of plants, they are starting to get a whole new view of the leafy green world we live in.

On this tour we will explore the amazing ways that trees can communicate and react to each other, using systems such as the ‘Wood Wide Web’.

Tickets available on Eventbrite. Some limited tickets available at reception on the day.

2:30pm - Check in at the Education & Visitor Centre


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