Registered in Ireland No: 111380
Charity No: CHY 6799
CRA No: 20013417

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The Tree Council of Ireland is a non-governmental voluntary organisation that was set up in 1985 as an umbrella body for
organisations involved in planting, management and conservation of trees. 

Our mission statement is to foster a tree culture in Ireland through action and awareness.

Tetra Pak Tree Day


 The Tree Council of Ireland, supported by Tetra Pak,
every year calls on primary schools across the country to get involved in
Tetra Pak Tree Day which happens on the first Thursday of October every year.


Each year a theme is chosen for the campaign to promote trees 
in our environment and each year Tetra Pak Tree Day
places a focus on a different native tree.

The focus is always on the things that primary school children can easily do in their everyday
lives to help nature and our environment.


It is an important date in the school calendar that gives children, teachers and parents
the opportunity to put down the school books, get outdoors and learn to become more environmentally aware.
The campaign’s mascot Sammy Squirrel, who features every year on Avonmore school milk cartons,
shares simple messages and tips on how to make better choices and be planet positive.


As part of Tetra Pak Tree Day, up to 1,000 native tree saplings are made available through the campaign website
for primary schools to plant on their grounds, or in a pot in the classroom.

More details about the campaign including class lessons, fun tree facts and
activities can be found on


Joseph McConville, President of the Tree Council of Ireland
“Planting trees is considered to be one of the best ways to tackle climate change.
For this year’s Tetra Pak Tree Day, we have up to 1,000 Spindle tree saplings to give away to primary schools.
We are encouraging primary school teachers around the country to get outside with their students
and plant a tree, which is also one of the requirements to achieve the Green-School’s Green Flag for Biodiversity.” 


Deborah Ryan, Marketing, Tetra Pak Ireland
“This year’s ‘Be Planet Positive’ theme for 2019 is designed to focus on the little things we can do as individuals
to help the environment rather than the things we have less control over.  
Through this campaign, we want to teach simple messages to children on how we can
all minimise our impact on the environment and live more sustainably.
These messages are very close to our heart at Tetra Pak.”