Tetra Pak Tree Day 2019

Thursday 3rd October 


"Be Planet Positive!"
"Bí phláinéid dearfach!"


Our chosen sapling this year is the


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Primary Schools to plant on the 3rd October 2019!

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Be Planet Positive!” or “Bí phláinéid dearfach!”,with a focus on the things that
primary school children can easily do in their everyday lives to help nature and our environment.

This year the spotlight is on the Spindle tree or An Feoras, which can be found most commonly
on the edges of forests and in hedgerows. 

The scientific name for the Spindle tree is Euonymus Europaeus. 
Euonymus is taken from the Greek ‘eu’, meaning ‘good’, and ‘onama’, meaning ‘name’, so it is known as a lucky tree.

Its timber is hard and tough and was used historically for making pegs, looms and
spindles for weaving – hence its name in English.

The Spindle tree grows up to six metres high and bears pink and gold berries in the Autumn,
which can be enjoyed by the birds.

To find out more about this year’s Tetra Pak Tree Day and claim a FREE Spindle sapling for your class - 

On Tetra Pak Tree Day many schools take the opportunity to participate in guided woodland walks at various locations

throughout the country, enabling children to connect directly with nature in an enjoyable way.


The walks are organised in co-operation with our member organisations including Coillte, the Heritage Service of the OPW,

the Dublin local authorities, The County Councils and National Parks & Wildlife Service.

Participants come on the walks at their own risk. The walks may not be suitable for all fitness levels.


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