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All profits from publications go towards supporting the
activities of the Tree Council of Ireland.

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Our Trees -  A Guide to Growing Ireland's Native Trees

Incl. P&P

This guide was published in conjunction with the Peoples Millennium Forest Project in 2000 and is designed particularly as an aid to those who wish to learn more about growing native trees from seed.

Our Trees -  A Guide to Growing Ireland's Native Trees.png

Selection of Tree Posters

Incl. P&P

A Selection of NINE Posters (A2)

Perfect for a classroom or a wall at home.

Our Native Trees (2 Posters)
Our Native Trees (Irish Language)
Ireland's Common Trees
Trees for Birds
Trees for Bees
Wood (The Sustainable Resource)
Amazing Oak
Irish Tree Alphabet

Tree Identification Swatch

English Language €14.00
Incl. P&P

Irish Language €14.00
Incl. P&P

A handy information guide to identifying trees and shrubs highlighting characteristics and habitat.

Perfect for all ages and ideal for woodland outings for individuals or families, each page provides a description of the tree or shrub, its leaf, flower and fruit.

Tree ID Swatch_edited.png

Native & Common Trees Playing Cards

Incl. P&P

52 playing cards with 2 jokers beautifully illustrated with images of native and common trees along with their leaves, flowers and fruit. All are designed to help you identify trees.


So now even if you don't win the game you can discover the world of trees!

Blank Notelets featuring Native Irish Trees 

Incl P&P

Share the World of Trees!


A collection of 6 notelets each featuring a different native Irish tree -
Silver Birch
Wild Cherry
Sessile Oak

Scots Pine

Rowan/Mountain Ash

These cards are left blank inside for your
special message. 

A Guide for Landowners to Managing Roadside Trees

Roadside Trees Cover Page-1.png
Roadside Trees Pippa Hackett-1.png
Image 2.jpg
Pictured on SPAR National Tree Day at the launch of
‘A Guide for Landowners to Managing Roadside Trees'

The Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,
Pippa Hackett (second left) and (left to right): Éanna Ní Lamhna, President of the Tree Council of Ireland
and Cormac Downey, Vice-President of the Tree Council of Ireland.
Free Hardcopy
€4.00 charge for P&P
Click to download a
Free PDF of this Guide.

Wild Musings - A Celebration of the Natural World

Incl. P&P

  Signed by Author  

Author: Éanna Ní Lamhna

In her inimitable and engaging style, Éanna Ní Lamhna brings us on a stroll through our natural world, celebrating its beauty and highlighting the importance of protecting it. Touching on a range of topics, from biodiversity to becoming nature positive, her words and photographs inform and delight – and above all encourage us to step outside and muse wildly.

Wild Musingss.jpg

Our Wild World 
From the Birds and the Bees to our Boglands and Ice Caps


Incl. P&P

  Signed by Author  

Author: Éanna Ní Lamhna

Ireland’s favourite force of nature, Éanna Ní Lamhna, is on a mission to open our hearts and minds to our wonderful, wild world – to help us find the balance between our needs and the future of our precious planet.


In her inimitable style, she tackles the questions you’re afraid to:


  • How exactly does our wild world work?

  • And why do we need to care now more than ever?

  • Where do the swallows go in winter? And, more importantly, why do they come back?

  • Why are all these spiders in my house anyway?

  • And what did happen to the hole in the ozone layer?

  • Are climate change and global warming the same thing?

  • And are genetic engineering and windfarms really the way forward?

  • Be prepared to learn, laugh and be surprised by Our Wild World 

Our Wild World

Wild Dublin


Incl. P&P

Author: Éanna Ní Lamhna

This lavish, entertaining and uniquely visual nature book is exciting to read, up to date and comprehensive in its information. A truly stunning book, full of fascinating facts and beautiful photos, showing a city we thought we knew in a new light.

Wild Dublin

Go Wild at School


Incl. P&P

Author: Paddy Madden

A book written to take the study of the world around us out of the classroom and to make it an integral part of children's lives. 

In its nine chapters it deals comprehensively with the following topics of establishing and maintaining the following in a wildlife garden:

  • a native mini-wood

  • a cornfield meadow

  • a wildflower meadow

  • a tree nursery

  • a bird sanctuary

  • a bee, butterfly and hoverfly patch

  • pond and marsh habitats

  • an organic vegetable patch

  • a native hedgerow

Go Wild at School.jpg

Management Guidelines for Ireland's Native Woodlands


Incl. P&P

Authors: John R. Cross & Kevin D. Collins

An attractive and practical set of clear and concise guidelines for all involved in the management of our native woodlands including foresters, ecologists and landowners.

Irish Native Woodlands

Why Forests? Why Wood?


Incl. P&P

Author: Donal Magner

From the author of  Stopping by Woods, Why Forests? Why Wood? outlines how trees are interlinked with biodiversity, climate change, the ecosystem and our own sense of well-being.

It also gives an insight into how wood is used in design from musical instruments to furniture to construction, all in a compact paperback. 


Amenity Trees & Woodlands -
A Guide to their Management in Ireland


Incl. P&P

Authors: Kevin Collins (editor), Roy Goodwin, Dorothy Hayden, Helena McGorman,
Joe McConville, Felim Sheridan, Gemma Carr

This book represents a unique and invaluable resource for all those whose work involves directly or indirectly dealing with amenity trees and woodlands and for community groups and individuals working towards the 'greening' of their own environment.

Sapling tree.jpg

   Our Tree Scheme enables you to commemorate a special event, remember a loved one or
give the gift of a tree by providing you with the opportunity to have
a tree planted in the name of a person of your choice.

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