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Our Tree Sponsorship Scheme

gift a tree & grow a forest!

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Our Tree Scheme offers you the chance to commemorate a special occasion, remember a loved one, or gift a tree to someone dear to you. We provide the opportunity to have a tree planted in the name of a person of your choice.

Each tree is assigned a unique number and a certificate will be issued, recording the name of the person for whom the tree is planted. You can personalise the certificate by including any dedication you wish.

Our two current locations are:
Aurora, Glencree, Co. Wicklow (which is soon to reach full capacity)
Bansha, Co. Tipperary

And we are delighted to add a third location:
Wicklow Way

Co. Wicklow

To learn more about our tree scheme, please visit our information page by clicking below

For multiple purchases or special requests please email us at 

and we would be happy to help you!

Aurora, Glencree,
Co. Wicklow

Aurora, Co. Wicklow is located in the "Garden of Ireland," a well-known name for the county of Wicklow. It offers a magnificent view of the Glencree Valley, with Cloghnagun and The Sugarloaf visible in the distance. The Glencree River flows through the area, adding to its picturesque beauty.

Taking a drive through the mountains will bring you to our woodland forest. The Armoury Cafe is a nearby spot where you can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery while indulging in fresh homemade food.

To learn more about Aurora and to submit certificate details, please click

Co. Tipperary

Tipperary is the largest inland county in Ireland, and it contains several mountain ranges, including the Knockmealdown, the Galtee, the Arra Hills, and the Silvermine Mountains. The River Suir slowly winds its way through the county's rich, green pastures before flowing onward to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our woodland forest is located in the heart of the Golden Vale, surrounded by majestic attractions such as the Rock of Cashel, the Glen of Aherlow, and Cahir Castle. The local villages of Bansha, Golden, and Kilfeakle are picturesque, with Tipperary Town located just 10 minutes away.

To learn more about Bansha and to submit certificate details, please click

Wicklow Way, Tinahely,
Co. Wicklow

The Wicklow Way is a 131-kilometre (81-mile) long-distance trail in Ireland. Starting from Marlay Park in the southern suburbs of Dublin, it ends in the village of Clonegal in County Carlow. The trail takes you through forest tracks, mountain paths, boreens and quiet country roads. The initial northern sections of the Way feature mountains, upland lakes and steep-sided glacial valleys, followed by gentler rolling foothills in the latter southern sections. 

Our woodland forest is located along the borders of this magnificent trail, with the town of Tinahely just a 10-minute drive away.

To learn more about Wicklow Way and to submit certificate details, please click

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