Burning petrol or diesel in our cars emits a shockingly high amount of carbon dioxide. One litre of petrol emits 2.3kg of carbon dioxide into the air while diesel emits 2.64 kg.


This is because the carbon atoms in the fuel unite with oxygen in the atmosphere during the process of combustion and the weight of carbon dioxide emitted is greater than that of the original carbon in the fuel.

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Ireland annually emits around 65 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - on average 12 tonnes per person.


This is the third-highest per capita rate in Europe after Estonia and Luxembourg.


We can mitigate some of this by planting trees.

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Annual removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by Ireland’s forests exceeds 6 million tonnes per annum.


This works out as a gain of 3.6 million tonnes net of harvesting and planting.


Fast-growing trees such as Sitka spruce sequester a lot of carbon quickly over a 30-year cycle.

Plant Trees to Reduce your
Carbon Footprint!
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A broadleaf woodland sequesters carbon more slowly although it may store more carbon long term.  It also has more biodiversity.

Therefore, both types of tree planting very much have their place in Ireland depending on which is appropriate to the area being planted.

Indeed, if we are really serious about slowing up climate change, planting trees is only part of the answer. We should be both planting trees and changing our way of living so that we produce less carbon per capita each year.

A ten-year-old evergreen tree absorbs 14 kg of carbon dioxide per year, so it takes 178 evergreen trees to absorb 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.


Broadleaf trees like our native oak, ash, birch etc grow slower than this so it would take more broadleaved trees to achieve the same result.

The Tree Council of Ireland can help you to contribute to the worldwide aim of reducing Ireland’s carbon footprint.


We can plant commemorative trees on your behalf through our

If you are a company wishing to offset your carbon footprint or wish to help preserve biodiversity, we would be
happy to discuss various
tree-planting options.

Air travel emits roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide per person per kilometre as driving a car but of course, the distances travelled are much greater.


A flight from Dublin to New York return is 10,200 km which is 1.275 tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted per person per flight.

This is equivalent to what it takes 91 evergreen trees such as Sitka spruce that are 10 years old to absorb
in a year.

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Trees take carbon dioxide from the air when their leaves carry out photosynthesis and store it as carbon in the timber, so big trees are carbon sinks.

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The average Irish car drives 18,000 km per year. This requires 810 litres of diesel or 1080 litres of petrol. This means 2.14 tonnes of carbon dioxide is emitted for diesel and 2.5 tonnes for petrol.

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11 tonnes of carbon dioxide is equivalent to 3 tonnes of carbon.