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 Celtic Tree Astrology 

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"If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree,
I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!"

Peter Pan

Celtic Tree Astrology is derived from the beliefs of the ancient Druids. 

Druids were Celtic priests who attached great importance to the forests and they revered the sacred knowledge held by trees. They believed the entire universe existed in the form of a tree, with its roots representing the past, its trunk representing the present and its branches, reaching to the heavens, representing the future and the afterlife.

Celtic astrology is based on the lunar system which is based on the thirteen cycles of the moon
with each cycle linked to one of the sacred Celtic trees. 

The Druids believed that the time of a person’s birth played a vital part in the formation of their personality and that they would go on to develop certain characteristics.

Rowan ~ The Thinker

(January 21 to February 17)

Intelligent, Highly influential, Patient

You are likely a sharp visionary and set yourself high goals. You display a cool exterior, but you have an inward energy that gives inspiration to you as you advance through life. Your ideas are unique and imaginative, and some people can frequently feel intimidated by your greatness. You seem to have a strong, fierce exterior but on the inside, you are kind, patient and loving. You have a characteristic capacity to change circumstances and individuals around you by your quick thinking. People find themselves drawn to you by your silent dynamism. Most compatible with Ivy and Hawthorn.

Ash ~ The Enchanter

(February 18 to March 17)

Free-thinking, Artistic, Imaginative

While you have a very attractive and winning personality, you tend to enjoy time by yourself because of your shy nature. You are in touch with your inner creativity and you are inspired by the wonders of nature. Art, writing, science, and spirituality are areas that strongly interest you. Others may think you are reclusive, but frankly, you are simply immersed in your own world of fantastic vision and design. You are in a constant state of self-renewal and you rarely place a value on what others think about you. You inspire all that surrounds you and people seek you out for your ability to inspire. Most compatible with Willow and Reed.

Alder ~ The Trailblazer

(March 18 to April 14)

Romantic, Brave, Generous

You are a natural born leader. You are a mover and a shaker, and your positive energy means people want to be your friend. You are charming, outgoing and mingle easily with a broad mix of personalities. You have the ability to get along with everyone and people love being in your company. This may be on account of your self-confidence that many wish they had. It is irresistible and other individuals perceive this quality in you in a flash. You have a fiery passion and are always moving. You hate to waste time and dislike superficiality. Most compatible with Oak or Birch.

Willow ~ The Observer

(April 15 to May 12)

Calm, Intuitive, Sympathetic

You are a naturally honest, generous and sympathetic person who does not do drama. You tend towards love, peace and serenity. You are highly intelligent and understand the hidden depths of people and the universe and have a realistic perspective on life. You are known equally for your kindness and politeness and never wish to cause offence. Having a wicked sense of humour, you love to joke around with friends. People are happy when they are around you. Most compatible with Birch and Ivy.

Hawthorn ~ The Illusionist

(May 13 to June 9)

Secretive, Fun, Passionate

While you seem to live an average life on the outside, on the inside you are incredible passionate and carry a lot of creativity within. You are incredibly mature and adapt well to most life situations and are always ready to give a helping hand. Your natural curiosity makes you an excellent listener. People tend to turn to you in confidence to reveal their deepest secrets. You have a healthy sense of humour and have a clear understanding of irony. You tend to see the big picture and have amazing insight although you typically will not give yourself enough credit for your observations. Most compatible with Ash and Rowan.

Oak ~ The Stabiliser

(June 10 to July 7)

Loyal, Generous, Courageous

You are the champion of the underdog and regularly defend people who do not have a voice. The Oak has the easy confidence to be the crusader. Nurturing, generous and helpful, you radiate calmness and accept everything will work out positively in the end. You have a profound regard for history and are likely drawn to be an educator as you wish to give others an insight into the past. You appreciate huge family and friend gatherings and have a vast and varied social network. Most compatible with Ash and Reed.

Holly ~ The Ruler

(July 8 to August 4)

Confident, Noble, Leader

Respectable, and noble is how you are seen, and how you feel on the inside. You easily take on on positions of leadership as you have inborn confidence in your abilities. You go up against difficulties effortlessly, and it is rare that you fail. When you do experience mishaps, you basically try harder with a determination to acquire your true objectives. You are focused and goal-oriented even in the most easy-going settings. Once you allow people to get to know you, they see that you are generous, kind, and warm. Most compatible with Ash and Elder.

Hazel ~ The Knower

(August 5 to September 1)

Confident, Loyal, Intelligent

While you have a very attractive personality, you tend to enjoy time with yourself because you tend to be more quiet than loud. You know your facts, and you are always well informed. You are genuinely smart and usually know the right course of action because of your impressive knowledge base but you are not arrogant. You are a naturally generous and sympathetic person to friends and are fiercely loyal. You like to be more active, and always strive to do better for yourself. You are always the one that everyone wishes they could be! Most compatible with Hawthorn and Rowan.

Vine ~ The Equaliser

(September 2 to September 29)

Charming, Loving, Elegant

You strive for inner and outer beauty, and love bettering yourself for the good of mankind. You are incredibly generous and are known to enjoy the finer things in life and willingly share. You enjoy luxury and refinement and do not mind working to achieve your desires. You can be unpredictable and indecisive as you see the good and bad in each story, which makes it hard for you to pick a side. You do not like confrontation or arguments and so stay as neutral as you possibly can. When wronged it can take time for your heart to mend. You have charm, elegance and poise. Most compatible with Willow and Hazel.

Ivy ~ The Survivor

(September 30 to October 27)

Brave, Determined, Kind

People are always taken aback with your unique and brilliant personality. You are witty, intelligent, and clever and are more of a dreamer than a realist. You have a giving nature and are always there to lend a helping hand. You endure troubling times with silent perseverance and soulful grace. Indeed, you tend to be deeply spiritual and cling to a deep-rooted faith that typically sees you through adversity. You are soft spoken but have a keen wit about you. You are charming, charismatic, and can effectively hold your own in most social settings. Once people know you, they cherish you as a friend for life. Most compatible with Oak and Ash.

Reed ~ The Inquisitor

(October 28 to November 24)

Compassionate, Truthful, Curious

You dig deep inside to the real meaning of things to discover the truth hidden beneath layers of distraction. You have a strong sense of integrity and honour. You are a confidant and people find it easy to talk to you about what troubles them. They know you can keep a secret. Equally you love a good story, gossip, and scandals. This makes you perfect as a journalist or detectives. You have the ability to get to the core of things and strip every layer of the story. You have a sharp intellect, but more obvious is your compassion and loyalty to others. Most compatible with Oak and Ash.

Elder ~ The Seeker

(November 25 to December 23)

Loyal, Ambitious, Thoughtful

You love your freedom and enjoy living on the wild side. You seek out thrills and adventure and always want to be on the move. You are deeply thoughtful, considerate of others and love to lend a helping hand. Your love of life transfers to the people around you and so they enjoy being in your company. Life is never dull when you are around. People can assume that you are shallow, but you have a deep philosophical side to you, and you are always questioning the meaning of everything. Most compatible with Alder and Holly.

Birch ~ The Achiever

(December 24 to January 20)

Ambitious, Loving, Courageous

You are highly driven and have the ability to motivate others. You are calm and tolerant, regularly taking charge when circumstances call for initiative. You can be exceedingly determined and ambitious and have a thirst for knowledge. You display versatility and resilience and continually strive for more. With your quick smile and an easy charm, you can brighten someone’s day. Most compatible with Vine and Willow.

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