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The theme is
Root for Nature

The spotlight is on the
Holly (Cuileann)

The Tree Council of Ireland is encouraging all primary schools across the country to get involved in

SPAR National Tree Day
and plant a tree on
Thursday, 6th of October 2022.

Tree Day Gallery

The theme for this year’s campaign is Root for Nature.

Have you ever thought about what is under the tree? We see the strong tree trunk and the branches full of 
leaves creating a wonderful canopy. But what about the roots? These are the true strength of the tree.

And intertwined with these roots is a fascinating network of fungi consisting of
long thin, white threads called mycelium.

Trees use the mycelium to talk to each other - the forest version of the world wide web that we call

The Wood Wide Web.

This spotlight for this year's campaign is on the Holly/Cuileann

Holly is easily recognised by its glossy, stiff, shiny leaves which are dark green in colour above and paler underneath. The cluster of bright red berries of the holly tree is a great source of food for
birds during the cold, frosty winters when food is scarce.
Holly is very common throughout Ireland with many place names called after it.