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A week-long programme of events to celebrate all things trees!

National Tree Week is an annual event organised by the Tree Council of Ireland in partnership with Coillte. It is the largest tree celebration in the country, providing a unique opportunity for

people to come together and celebrate the beauty and importance of Ireland's trees!

This year, the event's theme Planting Trees for a Greener Future aims to emphasise the importance
of trees and forests in helping to mitigate climate change and promote biodiversity.

Sapling trees are provided by Coillte to County Councils for distribution to Communities across the country. If you are hosting a National Tree Week event and would like to acquire
trees, please get in touch with your local County Council

List of Events & Webinars

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What's happening in your area...

Official Launch of National Tree Week
Heritage House, Abbeyleix, Co. Laois on Sunday 3rd March
2.30 pm - Introduction by the President of the Tree Council, Cormac Downey, followed by a ceremonial tree planting on the grounds of Heritage House, Abbeyleix by special guest, Dr Niamh Shaw.
Thereafter children from local primary schools will plant trees in the vacinity.
All Welcome!

Photo Competition!

NTW photoshoot 2024 (4).jpg

In partnership with Coillte marking National Tree Week,
a Photography Competition for Primary Schools.

And the Prize...

A Trip for Your Class to Coillte's
Beyond the Trees, Avondale Forest Park!

Closing Date - Friday 23rd February 2024

Planting Trees for a Greener Future
Planting and establishing trees is widely recognised as a crucial component of addressing environmental challenges and promoting a sustainable future. Trees play a vital role in various aspects of the ecosystem. Here are some reasons why establishing more trees is considered essential for our future.
If you are Planting Trees consider...

Efforts to plant and establish trees and conserve existing forests are integral to achieving environmental sustainability. Governments, organisations, and individuals can contribute to these efforts through planting trees and woodlands, sustainable land management practices, and responsible consumption of forest resources. Planting trees is indeed an investment in the future, fostering a healthier planet for us and for generations to come.

To maximise the impact of tree planting efforts, it is important to consider factors such, as ensuring proper land management practices and involving local communities. Collective and sustained efforts are essential to creating a greener and healthier planet for future generations.

Remember, the benefits of planting trees extend beyond the immediate environment and have a positive impact on global well-being. Every tree planted is a step toward a healthier and more sustainable future.

Select trees that contribute to your planting goals. Native trees are good for biodiversity; conifers and commercial forests are efficient at carbon capture.


Consider factors such as soil type, aspect and available space before planting. Proper planning increases the likelihood of successful tree growth.

Newly planted trees require care and attention. Water them regularly, protect them from pests, and provide necessary nutrients.


Join local tree-planting programmes or environmental organisations to contribute to larger-scale efforts and make a more significant impact.


Raise awareness about the importance of trees and encourage others to participate in tree-planting initiatives.


Advocate for sustainable land use and forestry practices that prioritise the long-term health of ecosystems and the combating of climate change.

For National Tree Week Why Not Visit!

Treetop Walk _ Beyond the Trees Avondale _ County Wicklow.png

Journey beyond the trees at Avondale House and Forest Park, as you enjoy a truly immersive and unique experience in our forest.

Begin with a leisurely stroll along the fully accessible 1.4km walkway. Weave your way up and down through the trees, and as the forest floor falls away towards the valley, you will gently rise above the canopy. Awaken all your senses, as you find yourself surrounded by Yew, Larch, Fir, Oak, Spruce, and the magnificent Giant Redwood trees, to name just a few.

Children’s play areas, and interpretive points along the way, will introduce you to a new perspective of the forest. You will learn about the trees, plants, birds, and animals that will be all around you, along with the history of Avondale, its important role as the birthplace of Irish forestry, and how Coillte is caring for this forest so that it is here for generations to come.

Treetop Walk _ Beyond the Trees Avondale _ County Wicklow (1).png
Treetop Night Lights _ Beyond the Trees Avondale.png
Tree Top Night Lights.jpg

When the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, something enchanting happens at Beyond the Trees Avondale. We’re thrilled to introduce “Treetop Night Lights,” a captivating nocturnal adventure that unfolds among the majestic trees of Avondale Forest Park.

Tree planting is one thing but the list is varied of ways to celebrate National Tree Week.

You are only limited by imagination!


Celebrate the week in a personal way by planting a tree in your garden. Climb a tree or even hug a tree!

Take some time to read a book or poetry about trees.
Find out more about their characteristics, their uses, folklore etc. Learn to identify trees in your neighbourhood.

Volunteer at a local community tree-planting event. You can make a difference in the place that you live.

Organise a walk or trail to showcase and tell the stories of any large, unusual or historic trees in your community.

Celebrate in school by planting a tree in your grounds. Draw pictures, make leaf prints or take bark rubbings of trees. Learn how to measure the height and spread of a tree. Write poems or create and tell stories about trees.

Enjoy the outdoors. Visit a local park or woodland and take a nature walk...
Click the link to find a woodland in your county...

Encourage your local residents association, tidy towns group, youth club, sports club or other local organisation to involved in a tree planting or a tree maintenance project.

Commemorate an event of significance in your community by planting a tree. Organise a community celebration or get together to mark the occasion.

Learn about Shrinrin-Yoku, the art of Forest Bathing and reconnect with Mother Nature.
Click the link where we explain more.

Events of 2024 marking
National Tree Week


During National Tree Week everyone is encouraged to take a moment in time and visit one of our numerous woodlands to explore the wonderful world of trees!


There are so many marvellous forests throughout Ireland that one is spoilt for choice.

We have drawn up a list of just some to consider...

Tree Podcasts
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