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Native Tree


Crann fia-úll

Malus sylvestris



Like the wild cherry, crab apple has been deliberately grown around old farmsteads (and the fruit used for crab apple jelly) but is also a truly native species found in old woodland.
Crab apple is found in hedgerows throughout the country.

Unlike modern hybrid apples, crab apples grow true from the apple pips.
It is a small tree, very suitable for gardens.

It bears attractive pink/white apple blossom in the spring, while the apples provide an autumn feature in the garden, as well as a useful crop.


Pick the apples as soon as they appear ripe, usually in October. The pips should be extracted from the apples and stratified straight away. (Malus sylvestris) Crab Apple – Crann fia-úll


Pips should be sown in February in a sheltered site or even cold greenhouse or polytunnel, as the seedlings are vulnerable to frost. They should be sown in a shallow depression and just lightly covered with soil or sand.

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