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Dublin Mountains Makeover! ~ Coillte Nature

COILLTE NATURE is putting people and nature first in the Dublin Mountains by transforming an area of forest larger than the Phoenix Park (900 hectares). "Starting in June 2020 and continuing over the coming years, we’re moving towards a new ‘continuous cover’ approach to forestry that maintains a permanent forest canopy. In areas where this isn’t possible, we’re clearfelling small areas of conifer plantations and replanting them with native woodland within the year. This will enhance and create habitats for wildlife, enrich the forests’ recreational appeal for people and improve the wider landscape’s aesthetic value."

Coillte Nature is the non-profit branch of Coillte that is dedicated to delivering real impact on the climate and biodiversity crises through innovative projects of scale. Our aims are to create, restore, regenerate and rehabilitate biodiverse habitats across Ireland, to manage those habitats for ecological and recreational value in perpetuity and, in doing so,to maximise the ecosystem services they provide to people for the benefit of everyone, now and into the future.


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