SuperValu Tidy Towns is an annual national competition organised by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government with the support of the main sponsor SuperValu and
many other agencies.


The competition involves participating areas being rated on all aspects of their local environment, and prizes are awarded to the best under many different categories.

The overall winner is “Ireland’s Tidiest Town”.

In addition to the main competition, special competitions and awards are held each year under the Tidy Towns banner which highlight particular local environmental activities.


sponsored by the
Tree Council of Ireland 


The right tree in the right place!

The Tree Council of Ireland is delighted once again to sponsor the

This award is for the Tidy Towns Committee which has demonstrated the highest tree placement and maintenance standards.
Properly positioned trees can have a major impact in a city, town or village enhancing the visual aspect of the area.

For instance, planting a series of fast-growing trees for an instant effect could have long-term negative implications for footpath or street management.  Therefore, it is essential that careful thought is put not only into the planting but also the management of the trees over their lifespan.  This award highlights this importance.

In addition, this award seeks, where appropriate, to raise awareness and promote initiatives to enhance the protection of old and established trees; trees that are of natural, historical, cultural, botanical or landscape significance within a community. In addition, merit is awarded to how consideration is given to the planting of memorial trees; trees that are planted to commemorate the anniversary of a
specific event that resonates with the town or village,  
i.e. Centenary of WW1 or the Battle of Clontarf.