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The Tree Council of Ireland is delighted once again to sponsor the


The Right Tree in the Right Place
Properly positioned trees can have a major impact on a city, town or village enhancing
the visual aspect of an area. Therefore, it is essential that careful thought is put not only into
the planting of the trees but also the tree management over their lifespan. 

Our 2023 Winner is
Tree Project Award List
General Criteria
The trees(s) must be in a public place.
The trees(s) may be existing or newly planted.
The trees(s) must be well maintained.
The trees(s) must be located appropriately on the site.
The project should also contain an element of raising awareness of trees within the community.
Additionally, the award will be given in recognition to the Tidy Towns Committee which has demonstrated the highest tree(s) placement standard using, but not limited to,
the following criteria and conditions:


Height of the tree

Carbon sequestration

Size and shape of the tree canopy

Blossoms/fruit fall on pavements

Shading other properties

Other trees in the area

Tree guards/grilles required for protection

Coniferous or Deciduous

Soil, sun and moisture requirements of the tree

Ease of maintenance

Growth rate of the tree

Leaf fall blocking drains

Vehicular damage

Equally, this award may be given to the TidyTowns Committee which has taken to preserving
old, established trees for generations to come; trees that are known for
their natural, historical, cultural, botanical or landscape significance within the community.

Veteran trees deserve to be protected and conserved.
Our award recognises the efforts taken to preserve wonderful older, ancient trees.

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