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World Bee Day - 20/05/2020

There are lots of suggestions to help you mark World Bee Day and help to create awareness of the importance of bees.

  • Share posts on social media about bees and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

  • No May Mow – Stop cutting your lawn for the month of May to allow Clover and other important bee-friendly wildflowers to bloom

  • Share information on one pollinator-friendly action, such as reducing grasscutting or planting herbs for pollinators.

  • Take a photograph of a bee or a wildflower and share with @pollinatorplan #AllIrelandPollinatorPlan

  • On Twitter or Instagram, share a photo of yourself holding an ‘I support the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan’ sign, or any of our leaflets/guidelines documents/signs if you have them.


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